Ellen Baxter, Broadway Housing’s Founder and Executive Director, speaking with a tenant at The Heights, circa 1985.

Broadway Housing Communities

Creating equity in our community by building innovative affordable housing and providing opportunities for educational and cultural enrichment.

Broadway Housing Communities was founded in 1983 to redress homelessness by promoting hope, stability and dignity through the provision of permanent housing.

Today in New York City, 40,000 homeless people, including 18,000 children, sleep in emergency shelters every night. Families now comprise the largest growing segment of those homeless in the City.

Broadway Housing’s solution to homelessness is remarkably simple – a permanent, affordable place to live together with support services for those that need them. With the opening of Broadway Housing’s first housing site, The Heights, in 1986, Broadway Housing Communities helped to pioneer this model, known as supportive housing, which has been widely replicated throughout New York City and the nation.

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